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I love to teach. From conferences to ministry retreats, very few things get me as excited as teaching a group of believers from God’s Word. I take speaking engagements on an invitation by invitation basis. I am deeply honored to be considered for your event; it’s never lost on me the privilege of being invited to teach!  If you would like to explore the possibility of me speaking to your ministry or group, please contact me through the contact form below.

I do like to make it clear that I am a Bible teacher, not an inspirational speaker. My messages consist of expository teaching (verse-by-verse Bible teaching) or theological discourse. Below are topics I am particularly passionate about and familiar with.   Hermeneutics:

Theological topics:

  • Union with Christ
  • Creation and the Fall
  • Adoption
  • Theology of the Body (creation, incarnation, resurrection)

Old Testament Narratives (expositional):

  • Adam and Eve (creation and the fall)
  • The call of Abraham
  • Abraham, Sarai, and Hagar
  • Rahab
  • Ruth

New Testament Narratives (expositional):

  • Advent (Luke)
  • Passion Week (Luke)
  • The Woman at the Well (Luke 4)

Biblical Exposition:

  • Philippians
  • James
  • Lamentations


If you’d like to get in touch about a particular event please complete the form below. Thank you so much for considering me!