Days in the Desert | A Prayer

We stand at the altar to an Unknown God,

and sometimes we feel a quiet pang of resonance,

because sometimes You match the name.


We know that You are unknown in Your vastness,

and that we cannot pin You down,

but sometimes You feel unknown in bigger, more poignant ways.




You are the God of unknowns ways

when we come to the crest of the sea

and the water starts to tickle out toes

we cry in despair because we see no way across and time is running out.


You are the God of unknown days,

as we wander in this desert, wondering

how long? how soon? and have you forgotten us altogether?


You are the God of unknown plans,

when hope has dried up like our pockets,

and our faith has grown weary like our eyelids.


You are the God of unknown desires;

is there a question we are not asking?

a prayer we have yet to pray?


Yes, You are the Unknown God among us.

And in all of Your unknownness, You came.


You wrapped yourself in the flesh of a babe,

and You came.


You came into our desert, into our hoping and

You stayed.


You stayed with us in the waiting,

with us in the praying.


And while You are veiled,

while You are hidden,

while You are out of sight,

we will fix our eyes on this One.


Until You remember us again.

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