Here | A Prayer

All the waiting,

All the longing,
All the seeking,
All the looking,
Culminates in the One who was promised.
And He’s here!
You’re here!
You’re here!
We want to scream and clap our hands!
We want to run and shout aloud!
“You’re here! We’ve been waiting!
And You’re here!”
But that doesn’t seem quite appropriate this night.
Not here in this stable.
The teenage mother motions for quiet,
And motions for us to come nearer still.
And kneeling on this hay,
We sit in silent awe of the way
You keep Your promises.
We wonder at the way
heaven has broken into earth.
This isn’t what we expected …
but here, beside the manger,
we are well assured,
it is all true.
It is all true!
All the stories of old,
All the mysteries unknown,
All the ways unseen,
Are more than true.
They’re here.

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