A fairy garden tea party for Emerson’s fourth birthday

Emerson recently announced what she’d like to do for her fourth birthday. I was very prepared for her to want a Frozen themed party, since it is nearly all she talks about these days. But I wasn’t nearly as prepared for her actual request: a fairy tea party with eight of her little best friends.

My mama heart is thrilled! Not only is this theme more creative and fun, but it is way more affordable, too!

Right now, since the party is about 8 weeks off, I’m just dreaming about what we can do to make the days special and entertaining — while praying we can be outside!

A Pinterest search for “fairy garden tea party” turned a lot of fun results. Click on any image for the link! Right now the plan is for a 90 minute party in which the girls will make flower crowns and dress in them and sparkling “fairy” capes (going to try to make some or purchase some make from tulle). Then they’ll play on the swings before sitting down to a picnic tea party.

Emerson wants cupcakes and sandwiches — done! Ha! I’m thrilled. But I’ll try to make the sandwiches sweet and tea party style by cutting them in bit size triangles (or, perhaps getting a butterfly cookie cutter to make butterfly shaped sandwiches). Emerson really wants to use “big girl tea cups”, so we’ve been keeping our eye out for tea cups from the thrift store each time we visit. So far, we’ve found 3 for $4!

Then, we’ll decorate fairy wands with stickers and ribbons — here’s some inspiration! I got a set of 10 on Amazon for just a few dollars!

Then, if we have time, we’ll paint “fairy houses” by painting craft birdhouses I got on amazon also! We will use paint sticks to keep things simple and hopefully cleaner!

I’m very convinced that if you’re going to spend money on a party, you should spend money on things guests can take home! In this case, if I stick with the plan, guests will get to take home a cape, flower crown, fairy wand, and a fairy house — I’d much rather spend money on these things than on balloons or decorations that are just one-time use!

We’ll see how this plan materializes, but we love birthday parties in our home, so we can’t wait to keep planning together!

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  1. Sure sounds like a fairy tale birthday party for sure. ❤️
    Love the ideas and you are such a great Mom to want Emerson to enjoy her 4th birthday with 8 little friends. Can I be a fly on the wall?
    Love to you all,
    Barb & Steve too 💞

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