Coming 9/21: Fix Your Eyes (It’s my first book!)

It felt pretty surreal last week when Austin came into the living room to tell me that he added my book to his Amazon wishlist. He said it half-joking, knowing that we’d get our own copies from the publishing house when it is released. But he was also serious: Fix Your Eyes was actually available for preorder on Amazon. What?!?

I’m not in the habit of googling my own name (barf, that sounds like the literal worst way to spend time), but I just had to type my name into the Amazon search bar – just to see it for myself. Sure enough, there was the finalized cover art and preorder like. Eeee! My stomach did three backflips and tripped over itself a little bit!

This book has been a labor of love from the start. Maybe you know the back story, and maybe you don’t, but it all began with a series of IG messages from you all – those of you wanting to find good theological resources that didn’t take you five years to read. Those of you wanting to avoid the harshness and abrasiveness that often comes in theological circles (and SHOULDN’T!). Those of you wanting to know how what you were learning about God in the Word actually intersected with your day-to-day life – how does it affect parenting and school and work and friendships and home and money and church? 

All of these questions left me staring at a huge blank space in our Christian circles. I could see on my left a world of theology – and I loved it! And I could see on my right a world of worship and discipleship – also, LOVE! But right between the two was this massive gap, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

After wrestling and reading and praying and researching I found the bridge that should connect the two, and are you as surprised as I was to find that the bridge is actually GOD HIMSELF? The thing that connects our knowledge of God with our worship of Him is actually, well, him. It’s GOD who pulls theology out of the abstract, making it a real study of a real God. And it’s GOD who grounds our worship in a God who has made himself known to us in his Word. What was missing between the two worlds was fixing our eyes on GOD, who brings both into focus.

That’s what this book is all about, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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