Why I wrote Fix Your Eyes

I think one of the reasons this feels so surreal to me is that I’m so average. I don’t say that in a self-depricating way, either. I have strengths, I have weaknesses. (In fact, in the last month Austin has said both of these things to me: Amy, you’d make an excellent CEO. and Amy, your laundry has been sitting in the dryer for four days.) 

I used to think it was only the extraordinary who could do theology – especially in written form. I thought that my status as a mom or the messiness of my office or the fact that most writing days I’m not wearing a blazer and power earrings, but old workout clothes and glasses.

But the notion that theology is reserved for anyone in a particular group, demographic or with a certain skill set is a lie. It’s for all of us – the moms, the hourly employees, those in heels and those in work out cloths. Theology is for everyone who God wants to know him, and the Bible makes it clear: the answer is everyone.

So I think it’s appropriate that I wrote this book. Me and my very average self can champion this message well: theology is for EVERYONE.

And so is this book.

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