Gift Guide: For Him (your husband, brother, book lover, pastor, or father-in-law)

Gift Guide: For Him (your husband, brother, book lover, pastor, or father-in-law)

Such a fun read for the guy interested in tools! Written by Nick Offerman, it’s funny and engaging and perfect for beginners.

For the household handyman! He might even hang those picture frames for you with this one! 😉

This little stud finder is so handy. It’s magically magnetic, and sticks to the wall where there is a stud (wood, not metal!) and makes finding a stud so very easy.

For the grill master or the hibachi wannabe! These were a Father’s Day gift Austin picked out for himself, and he uses them every time we fire up the Blackstone.

This wristband keeps nails and screws and drill bits handy while up on a ladder! At $7, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer!

One of my all-time favorite books! It’s on the pricier end (for a book, at $45) which makes Christmas a great time to gift this classic.

This heirloom Bible is incredibly beautiful and I know it will last as we pass it down to our girls. Consider gifting this to a young father in your life and encouraging him to journal in it before passing it onto his children!

A great prayer guide – thoughtful and theologically rich! Perfect for gifting to your pastor or a Bible nerd in your life!

This book has been such a blessing to both Austin and I. It’s refreshing for the seasoned believer, and also would be great for someone young in their faith.

Bought this for my FIL for his birthday, and after he installed it, he bought a second one! It’s a wall mounted extension chord that is 50 feet long with multiple attachments.

This is a great primer of how the Gospel shapes our lives. It’s simple and straightforward, great for a new believer or someone growing in their faith.

The perfect grill caddy for carrying sauce, seasonings, foil, tongs and more to the gill. It even has a roller for a roll of paper towels!

A great read for any Christian, but specifically a wonderful gift for pastors and ministry leaders.

This is great for anyone who loves church history or liturgy, this book could not be more perfect. Filled with prayers for every day moments and special events, it will draw him into prayer in a fresh way.

It’s not a screwdriver, but it is handy in a pinch! For $6 it’s a great stocking stuffer!

I don’t know many Christians who wouldn’t be refreshed by a closer look at Psalm 23. This one has been wonderful!

Does your guy wear hats all the time? These are perfect for keeping them sweat free, stink free, and helping them hold their shape!

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