Just as He Said | 30 Readings for Easter

Join me for 30 days in the Text as we make our way to Easter Sunday. For 30 days, we will fix our eyes on Jesus as we look closely at the prophecies Jesus fulfilled during Passion Week. Each day we will look at a prophecy concerning the Messiah, and at the way Jesus fulfilled that prophecy in His death and resurrection. There is space on each page for you to document the prophecy that Jesus fulfilled, and space for you to answer the most important question in our study: what does this teach me about the character of God. Sisters, do not be deceived: you do not need the Word of God to speak to you about you as much as you need the Word of God to speak to you about God Himself. Would you commit with me to fixing your eyes on His character and to worshiping Him for who He is?

I cannot promise you it will always be easy, but I can promise you this: He will not disappoint. 

You can print it, use it, share it, post it. It’s all yours, and it’s completely free.

Download here: Easter Readings 2017 by Amy Gannett

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