The Great Physician | A Prayer

Our Good God,

You are the God we know by many names:

And we find ourselves aching for these names to be our reality because


as we lay our heads down to rest, our minds can do anything but.

The sickness in our souls – the grief, the pain, the fear, the shame –

lies awake with us in the loneliness of midnight.

When we talk, walk, eat, and study

There are moments

when our minds

become occupied


Our defenses are shoddy and our resilience waves like a tattered white flag.

We find ourselves asking

Is there a balm for these wounds?

Is there a cure?

We’ve heard that some call You by another name.

On thin, aging pages we read of distance lands long ago

and how some call You

the Great Physician.

And we’re wondering….

Could it be true?

If so, might is be so with us?

If there is a way, Yahweh, would You add to our knowing of You this Self

Press this new name off our lips in waking anticipation.

And, in doing so, would You be Your Self with us again

We’re waiting.

Won’t You heal us.

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