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My Favorite Advent Activities and Books for Kids

Advent is right around the corner! We love making this season special by doing family activities each day — particularly ones that point our girls to Christ. This not only helps us keep our eye on the real meaning of the season, Christ’s arrival, but makes the season so memorable for us as we learn and grow together!

Here’s my list of Advent resources and books that we love! There’s even more books in my Amazon storefront!

A sweet book about all of creation waiting for and celebrating Christ’s arrival! The illustrations in this one are possibly my favorite of all of these books!

We have loved the Old Testament and New Testament seek and find books. They keep Emerson’s attention and are a great travel activity!

A beautifully illustrated books about the different names for Christ in Scripture!

We were gifted this set last year, and the girls played with it into January before I finally tucked it away. Little People makes quality toys, and they’ve held up super well. The star button on the top plays a carol!

A Tiny Theologians best seller for a reason! These simple cards are perfect to use one per day throughout December. They help keep everyone’s eyes on Jesus!

We had done this resource as a card set in the past, but this year at Tiny Theologians we released it as a puzzle also (you can still get it as a card set, too) and the girls have done it many times each day! The back of each puzzle piece has a family devotional on it!

This book is perfect for toddlers! It uses simple language to explain the reason Jesus had to come at Christmas. It’s inviting and so cute!

A kid-friendly look at how Jesus fulfilled all the promises of God! It’s such a fun book, well-illustrated, and we love it.

All about the historic St. Nicholas and his desire to how the love of Christ to the poor through gift-giving! This book works for those families who do Santa and those who don’t, in my opinion.

A more modern retelling of the Christmas story in this winsome story of a young carpenter who uses his skills to make something offered to God in generosity. It might make you cry!

HOURS, I tell you, HOURS of independent coloring for Emerson with this coloring sheet! I’m getting ready to pick up a second one for actual Advent – ha!

Next week I will be sharing my gift lists for kids as well! If you have any other favorite Advent resources for kids, drop them in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’re using!

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