Raising Tiny Theologians

“When most of us think about talking to kids about theology, we think of their view of God like a car sitting in neutral. It is easy to think that they will go about their lives unmoved until we push them along in the faith. As the most prominent and earliest influencers in their lives, it’s easy to believe that when you have the time you’ll move them a little bit here and there, until they’re old enough to drive the road of faith for themselves.

In the world we live in, our theology and our kids’ theology is like a car in neutral, but a car in neutral on an incline. The world is taking our view of God somewhere. It is teaching us and forming us, even while we are unaware. It is not often a steep or sharp incline, but subtle. It seeps into our beliefs casually, slowly, and often unnoticed. Kids are learning about God as they’re told why they should be on good behavior at school or why they should say, “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you” after a tiff among friends. And if we are not attentively teaching our children about the God of the Bible – about the gospel that compels us by love to obey him and that we can only forgive others by the grace of the God who forgave us – the world will.”

This is an excerpt from a guest blog post I wrote for Risen Motherhood. You can read the full article here. If you’re interested in checking out my line of discipleship tools for the Tiny Theologians in your home, you can do so here

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  1. Hi!
    I came to your blog because I had read of a mom who was using your tiny theologian cards for children. I was hoping to find some and I wasn’t sure if you were going to post this product back up on your blog?! My husband and I homeschool and one of the main reasons is so that we can train our children up in the truth of tue gospel. We try to be se visuals as much as possible because our kids our young. I hope to hear from you soon. I was really looking forward to using the ABC’s of theology cards.

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