To be Remade | A Prayer

Lord, terror is all around us.

As the blood pools in the streets and on the driver’s seat

we find fear and fight are swelling in our bellies.

We look at our hands, at this kingdom of man

and note how very unlike You we are.

We Christian bear Your name, but we have yet to rightly bear the shame

of the child killed on the sidewalk,

of the father killed on the sidewalk

of the brother killed on the sidewalk

and the boyfriend killed while just reaching for his license and registration.

And as the horror plays in a thousand ways across our iphone screens

we realize

that this is nothing new.

The violence – the way we do not resemble Your justice – is nothing new.

But the cameras are.

The cameras are new, and as they tell an age-old tale

they bring the call of justice to our front door.

The call is weighty, thumping in our chests and wringing our hands

because we do not know where to start.

Our hearts cry – Enough! Enough! 

but we do not know where to go or what to do or what to say.

So we turn our hopeless eyes to You,

they have been opened and are afraid of what they see.

We ask that You, in a grand act of Your other-ness, would

dismantle oppressive systems

disarm cruelty and hate

divulge the secret sins and hidden agendas

and destroy the kingdoms of our hands that make us unfit for Yours.

And with shame in our hearts and blood on our streets

we ask that You would start with us.

Call us to meet You out where You are doing Your making-new act,

and insist that we learn a better way.

Until You come again,

and finally,


remake us in Your likeness.


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