The Folly of Forgetfulness | A Prayer Series, Day I


Sunday morning has come and gone.

We ate our fill,

and were very proud we had cleaned our spiritual plate.

We heaped our plates with



and solitude.

And walked out the stained-glass doors



and fulfilled.

And Monday we sat down in passive wontedness,

occupied and busy and

quite unconcerned with eating again.

Like a child who picked his plate clean and refused a return visit,

we have been foolish in our spiritual feeding,

negligent with regard to our need.

And Sunday was long ago.

We cared not for the spiritual deficiency

that slowly crept through our bones

nor did we note the way our hearts

grew languidly cold.

But …

our bellies are beginning to growl.

Slowly, certainly, and somewhat begrudgingly

we are noticing our own dissatisfaction.

We have need, and our selves bear witness that

our need is none other than You.

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