An Ordinary Christmas


Hey Word&Crafters,

I am honored to be guest posting in another corner of internet space. My dear friend, Maggie Johnson, is an incredibly gifted writer who speaks honestly and often about marriage, faith, and gender roles. Her blog, Sparks from the Soul, has been named among the top 25 Christian blogs you should be reading by Reader’s Choice Awards in 2013. And, baby, let me tell you: them readers are right.

Today, and I sharing my angst and attitude about the ordinary Christmas that is ahead of me. You know the type, the Christmas that doesn’t come on the heels of a life-changing event, or world-altering endeavor. I’m sharing about the hum-drum nature of the day-in, day-out routine, and the grace we need to bear through it.

So, hustle your little buns over here with me. I’ll see you there!

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