• The Good of Hard Work and Housework

    I scanned the isle of colorful cleaning supplies intensely. My eyes fluttered from a bright purple brand promising that, with its help, I would clean my bathroom half as often and in half the time, to the neon yellow bottle boasting large bubble letters that read “For an EFFORTLESS clean.” And I sighed. This is

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  • Pulling Up the Tent Pegs

    I woke this morning to a living room I did not recognize. It was a skeleton of what I had grown accustomed to. Nothing was as it should be, nothing was where it should have been. Everything about our living room in the brightness of the morning was different, and it took me a few

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  • When Dying Feels like Death

    There are times when dying feels like death. Having grown up in a Christian church and home, I’m well-accustomed to the language of “dying to self” and “taking up my cross.” The words are readily on my lips when someone speaks of sacrifice, or the call to missions, or the call to serve their local

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