• An Invitation to Lamentations

    The book of Lamentations is one I have not studied before. Though I have been raised in the Christian church, I have never heard a sermon on the book of Lamentations in my 25+ years of church attendance. I have never read a book on it. I have scarcely read the book itself. Lamentations is

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  • Coming Home

    Austin and I just got back from traipsing around Charleston for two days. I had never visited, and having celebrated our five year anniversary only a month ago, we relished the opportunity to eat our way through the city. Charleston is beautiful. It is a city of coordinated historic buildings, and mauve (my new favorite

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  • To be Mothered | a Prayer

    This is a post from the archives. I’m reposting it today in honor of Mother’s Day.   Our good God, Today will be littered with cards and flowers, chocolates and hugs. Today there will be no apparent end to the hand-drawn stick figures scratched in green crayon next to the almost-legible: To Mom. Today we

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